Originally published by sportpromedia.com, Ed Dixon (Source)

Infront, the agency giant, has announced the launch of IX.co, an all-new digital and media solutions company.

IX.co brings together the Infront brand, including its in-house digital service unit, as well as New York-based Omnigon, the solutions company which the agency acquired in 2019. IX.co will have a global workforce of over 250 working from Zug, New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, St Petersburg and Toronto.

Targeting global leadership in connecting brands and sports rights holders to global audiences, Infront will be entrusting IX.co to be at the forefront of evolving trends in sports by investing in digital reach, engagement and monetisation capabilities.

“The differentiator will be personalisation, which audiences expect now. They want it to be delivered where they want and on the devises they want. That has been a key focus for us, taking a specific data science orientated approach. That is a primary differentiator for IX.co,” David Nugent, chief commercial officer IX.co, told SportsPro.

Playing a significant part in this new approach will be IX.co’s fusion of storytelling and data-driven technology to help global brands get a clearer understanding of what fans really want when it comes to sports media consumption and delivering it.

“The importance of the types of brands, properties, and rights holders we work with going direct-to-consumer is a focus. That personalised experience, which can be provided by having a really thorough understanding of who you are trying to reach is the fulcrum of what motivates us and where we’re going,” said Nugent.

Former YouTube head of sports, Christoph Heimes, will lead IX.co as chief executive after serving Infront’s senior director of digital media, platforms and services.

Heimes said of the new brand: “The new company is built on an obsession for bridging the gap between storytelling and technology, connecting businesses to an entirely new age of consumer that demands their content be presented differently.

“Through collaborations and partnerships with digital innovators from around the world, we’re strategically and creatively going to be changing how fans experience sports, media and entertainment.”

Infront president and chief executive Philippe Blatter added: “The launch of IX.co is an important step for Infront. Our group strategy and our business model is constantly evolving and diversifying to address the changing marketplace and the needs of our existing and future customers.

“IX.co is a rare breed in the digital media industry in that it combines product design, platform technology, data science, storytelling, and a direct-to-consumer as well as B2B service offering – all under one roof.

“We can drive the digital transformation process by leveraging data science to understand how audiences behave, and what they seek, building memorable experiences, and commercialising these connections to help our customers grow their businesses."